Saturday 31 March 2012


This week at LEN we found that, unintentionally, we were working on the presses without using any power.  We only realised when we noticed how quiet it was!

Andy was printing his new typeface - more on that to come - inking it by hand.

And I (Hazel) was blind embossing from a linocut to create some covers for the 2nd edition of a book.  This was a really good technique for me to try at LEN as Angie and Andy were able to advise on the practicalities of getting my lino type high, and whether or not to soak the paper.  The result was subtle, but perfect for what I wanted, though as usual, in trying to use up some odds and ends I created new ones in the process.


  1. Hi Angie, I've just recieved the catalogue from the French exhibition, Regards Croises, which is how I found this blog.... looking forward to future updates!

  2. I'm a Kansas City author who has teamed up with a KC printmaker and artist to turn one of my works into a print book using his letterpress. If successful, we will also use a local bindery which has been in business since 1885. I thought the promo video would be of interest to this group.