Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hazel: Coded

These were printed from lead type, a combination of 10pt leader dots and 6pt ornaments.  I varied the line spacings within the design and printed onto both sides of these A6 file cards, which I had obtained for an earlier project.  

The combination of the format and the print gives the strong impression that they contain detailed information, if only the reader was able to decipher the 'code'.  I printed enough that I could create a small edition of a book, though I am not sure yet that this is what they want to be, so they are now 'resting' while I mull it over. 

Letterpress - Born In The USA

A friend and multi-talented artist, Nataie Mc.Grorty has been researching in the USA for the past six months. She kindly brought back some letterpress goodies for me from the amazing Yee-Haw Press -  Yee-Haw Industries specializes in original art-like products - from letterpress posters promoting special events, music acts and theatre shows to handmade, woodcut, fine art prints. On the Hompage, they have a link to their, again _amazing_ blog and esty shop - don't deny yourself.

Plus, a great invite to the Penland Gingerade from Penland School Of Craft - and a bookmark by the fabulous Sally Alatalo of Sara Ranchouse Publications.

All good fodder for Letterpress Nuts!