Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hazel: Dots, Dashes, Forward Slashes

Part of a series I am working on relating to coding and information, I am experimenting with different elements of non-text letterpress to see how I can use these to create the patterns of codes and messages that replicate those we find on everyday ephemera.  Using these wooden shilling strokes got me thinking a lot about scale, and how working with larger type shows up the finer detail in the scuffs and nicks which adds a new level of information to the print.

Angie's Miniprint

A Poem For You

I'd recently read a wonderful publication called, 'Tales To Change The World' published in 2008, by Caseroom Press. I was really taken by a small poem in the book by Gianni Rodari. I read and re-read it - thinking that the poem speaks to all Grown Ups really - and interesting to find it in a book written for children. Although I do believe that Rodari wrote with adults in mind, following the philosophy that adults read aloud to their children. I typeset the Poem with the addition of ornaments and a border to contextualise the text in the prescribed rectangular format - paper size 20cms x 25cms and printed area of no bigger than
3 x 4 inches.

Andy: Mhairi

Hazel: Advent Calendar Project

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Angie: x book

2 prints an A4 sheet
The finished book folded and bound

12 'x's locked up and ready to go

I printed a selection of a dozen x blocks on an A4 sized sheet of printing wove - double sided, so four times through the press in total - the paper was then cut and folded into a spiral form to produce a tiny A8 sized maze book.

When we describe how much we love someone or something, we usually say … “this much,” whilst holding out our hands to quantify a particular amount.
This little book, when fully open, simulates that same action, and reflects the universal symbol of love sent, as the letter x.
X= How Much I Love You.
Letterpress printed cloth bound maze book
manually typewritten text on cover 8.5cms x 6cms x 1 cm. 2012

Hazel: Letterpress forest & snowflakes

LEN: ingenious 'Christmassy' use of ornaments - Hazel's really getting into this!

Andy: Christmas is coming - Don't Keep Calm

Andy's working on a new print - seems to sum it all up really ...

Hazel: Ornaments And Atlas Pages

LEN: Inspired by seeing Barrie's book - see previous post - Hazel set to using some ornaments she had found in the print centre, to print on top of various maps, pages from an atlas.
Hazel Grainger: MA Multi-Disciplinary Print Student, focusing on letterpress and artists’ books and ephemera.
I am intrigued by the incidental pieces in type collections - the ornaments, punctuation, symbols, borders images and broken type.  I want to build these up into patterns to print as a ‘coded language’ onto previous printed artefacts such as book, catalogue and atlas pages.  On a broader scale I am using letterpress techniques to create text and pattern in unexpected ways within the production of artist’s books and ephemeral products. 

A Poem To Philip Glass - thanks Barrie.

LEN: I brought in my new book A Poem To Philip Glass made by Barrie Tullett, to show Hazel and Andy - Hazel in particular, as I knew that she would be impressed - she gasped audibly when she saw it.
Isn't it amazing? 
We think so.

Clever Barrie.

So, we're waiting patiently for the next one in the series ...

Andy: Silkscreen & Letterpress, Manifests

LEN: Andy (or rather just a bit of Andy)holding practice letterpress prints, plus one overlayed onto a silkscreened open background red on red. Nice.

Andy's New Book

LEN: What a bargain - poured over on a LEN break with a cuppa.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tom's Miniprint

LEN: We we graced with another guest printer this week - Tom Sowden, who was also using a traditional type blocks courtesy of Bob to use as the basis for his miniprint. We think they printed rather well. Tom hand coloured each print; the final result can be seen along with all the other prints from UWE Staff & Students, at the Miniprint Exhibition at Foyles Bookshop, Cabot Circus, Bristol until 28.th February 2012. 

Sarah: That Time Of Year

LEN: We had guest printer - Sarah Bodman join us for some fervent full-powered Christmas card printing (double-sided), using old blocks, given to her by the inimitable Bob Howe. They printed amazingly well, and we were all thrilled with the results - hopefully the receivers of the Christmas cards would be too!

Andy: Prints In Progress ... Jemmy Wood

LEN: Strong red with a fading black on top - took the packing paper out to reduce the pressure - on Sudo Japanese paper (a snip at 35p a sheet from the UWE shop).
The beauty of working in a small group, rather than individually - your mis-spelling gets spotted before too long!

Hazel: Interesting Blocks

I found some interesting type blocks in 'the store' that revealed their history of usage through their surface qualities - they obviously haven't been used for sometime, as they were extremely dusty.  The pieces I was particularly interested in were these  double-sided ones where someone has carved into the back of an existing block to create their own.  It has given them a very rugged appearance! 

Introducing LEN

LEN: On the first week of each month we have an 'indulgence session’ when we spend the evening, tidying up, sorting type and finding 'new' discoveries through our explorations of 'the store.' These indulgence sessions help to extend students' own knowledge of available type, and realise their intentions for individual projects, whilst improving on good studio practice for all users.