Sunday, 22 January 2012

Angie: x book

2 prints an A4 sheet
The finished book folded and bound

12 'x's locked up and ready to go

I printed a selection of a dozen x blocks on an A4 sized sheet of printing wove - double sided, so four times through the press in total - the paper was then cut and folded into a spiral form to produce a tiny A8 sized maze book.

When we describe how much we love someone or something, we usually say … “this much,” whilst holding out our hands to quantify a particular amount.
This little book, when fully open, simulates that same action, and reflects the universal symbol of love sent, as the letter x.
X= How Much I Love You.
Letterpress printed cloth bound maze book
manually typewritten text on cover 8.5cms x 6cms x 1 cm. 2012

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